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  • Applicable scope:

    Coffee, tea, Chinese medicine tea, health care tea and other small particle materials.

    Performance characteristics:

    1. Through ultrasonic sealing and cutting, we can produce a beautiful bag-type coffee bag with firm sealing.

    2. Automatic quantitative measurement can easily change the flling in the production process.

    3. Easy to adjust the packaging gram, more accurate measurement, large adjustment range.

    4. Electromechanical integration design is adopted to replace data without stopping and shutting down.

    5. PLC control and touch screen operation make the performance more stable, the operation more simple and more humanized.

    6. Packaging capacity: 55 bag/minute.

    7. Can be made as hanging ear coffee bag, also can be made as a square flat bag.

    8. External charter can be arranged according to the demand.

    9. Can automatically count and arrange according to different requirements of customers.


    Main technical parameter:

    The number of unwinding
    Measurement range
    8-10 g / bag (other specifications can be customized)
    Packaging material requirements
    Inner bag: non-woven fabric and other ultrasonic sealing materials
    Production speed
    55 bag/minute
    Inner bag size
    Inner bag:70*90 (180mm )
    Roll out diameter
    Wrap the core diameter of the roll
    Air pressure
    ≥0.6Mpa (gas supply is guaranteed by the customer)
    1 person
    The motor power of the machine
    1.5 Kw (220V)
    Equipment shape
    L 1175*W 1190*H 2050 (mm)
    Equipment weight